Fermented Skincare Is The Latest Beauty Trend - Here's Why It Works..

June 07 2022 – Genevieve Chaplin

Fermented Skincare Is The Latest Beauty Trend - Here's Why It Works..

Fermented Skincare Is The Latest Beauty Trend - Here's Why It Works..

You’ve probably heard of fermented food products like kimchi and sauerkraut and, in recent years their benefits for gut health. Fermented foods and drinks contain probiotics, which are live bacteria that help the gut restore balance, support digestive health & alleviate any issues. 

Fermented beauty serves a similar purposes, but for the skin microbiome rather than the gut microbiome. 

But how exactly does it work and should we be investing in it?

Fermentation is the process of microorganisms breaking down an ingredient into a smaller molecular structure making it more concentrated and more easily absorbed by the skin (aka more effective). This, in turn, helps to maintain and protect your skin microbiome which is a diverse group of bacteria and other microorganisms that inhabit the skins outer layer. This layer acts as a line of defence for the skin so it is able to fight off harmful pathogens and protect the skin from damage and disease. 

The microbiome is constantly reconfiguring to maintain this delicate ecosystem and keep the surface of the skin a perfect pH to do so (typically between 4.5 and 5.5 pH). It is often challenged by external factors such as environmental pollution, use of harmful skincare products, over cleansing and factors such as stress also effect the natural balance of the skin. 

That is where fermented skincare becomes beneficial. Fermented skincare, rich in healthy bacteria and probiotics, can help balance and strengthen the microorganisms that make up our skin’s microbiome. There are lots of fermented ingredients used in skincare that you can look out for such as green tea, glycolic acid, prebiotics, probiotics & postbiotics.

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