How To Preserve Your Skins Natural Radiance

May 10 2022 – Genevieve Chaplin

How To Preserve Your Skins Natural Radiance

How To Preserve Your Skins Natural Radiance

Even when you think you are alone, you are surrounded by billions of invisible but loyal friends. They’re extremely close to you. Actually, they are on you. On each part of your skin. These invisible friends are bacteria, fungi and moulds. They live from our sweat, sebum and dead skin.

In return they protect us from hostile bacteria and fungi’s that cause a range of skin issues such as:

  • Acne
  • Redness 
  • Irritations
  • Dry skin

These organisms live on a delicate balance and daily events can easily destroy this harmony such as:

  • Excess hygiene
  • Air pollution 
  • Stress

When our friends become outnumbered, their place is taken by hostile organisms and the skin becomes unbalanced. 

How can I maintain my skin barrier? 

There is one particular prebiotic that, when used in skincare, is extremely beneficial for maintaining and rebuilding the skin microbiome. This prebiotic is known as Inulin and it works to make the friendly organisms stronger and repopulates good bacteria on the skins protective layer, by acting as a food source for the friendly organisms. When natural balance is disrupted, Inulin helps the good bacteria to recover and grow faster while starving the harmful organisms at the same time. 

Prebiotics diminish the negative effect of preservatives 

You may be wondering how prebiotics can serve these benefits in skincare, because skincare often contains preservatives. One other great benefit of inulin is that it makes the useful organisms resistance to the disturbances of preservatives.

How do prebiotics give my skin a natural, long lasting glow?

By working with the good bacteria on your skin and resisting the disturbances from preservatives, prebiotics are able to maintain the skins natural balance which keeps the microbiome in harmony. This harmony prevents any disturbances on the skin such as acne, irritations, and dry skin. Further, inulin is an extremely hydrating prebiotic that deeply penetrates the skin barrier for long durations. By maintaining the harmony of the skin & providing long lasting hydration, prebiotics leave your skin with a natural and healthy glow.

Disclaimer: This blog post is solely for informative purposes. Even though research indicates that prebiotics/probiotics can alleviate certain skin conditions, we do not make any therapeutic or medical claims about our skincare. Our skincare is meant only for cosmetic purposes.