Why The Future Is Postbiotic

July 20 2022 – Genevieve Chaplin

Why The Future Is Postbiotic

Why The Future Is Postbiotic

Science is just starting to understand everything the skin microbiome does, but for starters: It’s an essential part of the body’s immune system. It’s connected to the gut and the brain and is responsible for the functioning of the skin barrier. It keeps you moisturized, exfoliated, protected, and pH-balanced. You can think about it as an ecosystem!

Everything you currently rely on a skin-care product to do for you, the microbiome and your skin do all on their own. 

Everything we do—and don’t do—to our skin has some effect on its population. Layering on all sorts of essences, serums, moisturizers, and oils affects the microbiome’s ability to thrive, signalling again the importance of using microbiome-friendly ingredients that work with the natural balance of the skin, rather than stripping it of all bacteria (both good and bad). After all, If these bacteria are living in an ocean made of silicones and mineral oil, how can they be expected to thrive if it is not their natural environment. 

Probiotic Skincare
Unfortunately, a lot of probiotic claims in cosmetics are pure marketing. Probiotics are live bacteria, but in most skincare formulas, there are also preservatives present which are bacteria killers. Therefore, in the very large majority of the products marketed today as probiotic skincare, the probiotic extracts are actually dead, which is very different.

Prebiotic Skin Care Seems Promising
Most ‘probiotic’ skin care also contains prebiotics, which is essentially food that supports growth of healthy microorganisms. Examples include colloidal oatmeal, chicory root and mineral water rich in selenium. This is perhaps a more holistic approach to building up your microbiome topically, since prebiotics will theoretically feed more strains of your own bacteria.

The Future Is Postbiotic
Prebiotics feed the probiotics (the bacteria in your microbiome), which are then able to produce postbiotics: the lipids (like ceramides) and proteins (like peptides) that a healthy microbiome produces on its own, but a compromised microbiome does not (and which are essential to healthy, even skin).

The Simply Softr Balancing Clay Mask contains a unique prebiotic complex that aims to fuel the good bacteria on your skin, creating postbiotics as a beneficial by product. You can shop it here if you feel like detoxifying and balancing your microbiome!