Why Prebiotics Are Just As Important As Probiotics

May 02 2022 – Genevieve Chaplin

Why Prebiotics Are Just As Important As Probiotics - Simply Softr

Why Prebiotics Are Just As Important As Probiotics - Simply Softr

You’ve likely heard of probiotics a lot more than prebiotics, which is totally fine, though prebiotics are just as important as their ever-popular counterpart in maintaining a healthy skin microbiome. Here’s a few key reasons why prebiotics are super important to maintaining overall skin health..

  1. Prebiotics help strengthen the skin barrier

Prebiotics maintain a healthy skin barrier that can withstand the harsh environmental elements such as dirt, pollutants, and toxins. There may be other skincare ingredients that you’ve come across in the past that are both good for the inside & the outside of our bodies, such as honey. Prebiotics also serve this same purpose and are as beneficial when they are consumed as they are when they are applied topically.

The skin is the bodies largest organ, and it works to balance both good and bad bacteria. Applying prebiotics to our skin helps to balance the skins natural ph which in turn avoids harmful bacteria and pathogens from penetrating the skins protective barrier. If skin is better able to combat these pathogens, it can prevent skin concerns such as acne, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation.

  1. Prebiotics work with your good bacteria

Probiotics are otherwise known as good bacteria, and prebiotics are the food source for good bacterium. Although prebiotics and probiotics are vastly different, it is important to understand the benefits of both and how they work together for optimal performance.  

Probiotics are found naturally on the skin, or they can be added via topical products. Prebiotics, on the other hand, take on the role of feeding the good bacteria while starving bad bacteria (such as c.acnes). By acting as a fuel source for the good bacteria on your skin, probiotics are stronger and better able to prevent harmful pathogens from penetrating the skin barrier (such as the dirt, toxins, pollutants, and harmful bacteria we mentioned earlier).  

  1. Prebiotics deeply hydrate

Studies have shown that Inulin, a popular prebiotic used in skincare products, provides deeper and longer lasting hydration than the ever-popular hyaluronic acid. Inulin is one of the more widely used prebiotics in skincare and is a key ingredient in our Balancing Clay Mask.

Keep in mind, the benefits of prebiotics don’t just end here! As studies into the skin microbiome continue over the coming years, you can expect to see this ingredient popping up more and more in your fav magazines, online articles, and ingredients lists.


Disclaimer: This blog post is solely for informative purposes. Even though research indicates that prebiotics/probiotics can alleviate certain skin conditions, we do not make any therapeutic or medical claims about our skincare. Our skincare is meant only for cosmetic purposes.